In recent years, us Japanese have been introduced to a variety of foods at an increasing rate.
As our food culture evolves our lifestyle options become wide ranging.
Meanwhile, I feel that we have lost sight of the origins of Japanese food.

So, what is the cornerstone of Japanese food?
“That would be dashi.”
Most chefs will have the same reply.

Dashi is the cornerstone of Japanese food. It is the fundamental ingredient in Japanese dishes.
However the use of dashi in Japanese households has decreased.
Some cannot make homemade stock themselves.

Indispensable materials used in the making of dashi come from Japan's nutrient rich natural environment.
The combination of these ingredients provide the intense flavor of dashi.
Its uses in food preparations and the boom in Japanese cuisine world wide has escalated the consumption of dashi.
Now is the time for Japanese people to regain and renew their understanding of dashi, its uses and flavors.

The DASHI SHOP concept is a restaurant and grocery store
with the focus on Japanese soup stock, otherwise known as dashi.
The quality of Japanese ingredients backed by advances in technology are the distinction of this ingredient.
Our desire is that all people deepen their understanding of dashi while
at the same time expanding and diversifying its use.